Welcome to the official home of Dominic Munafo's website, also known as The Ice Cream King.  Dominic is the owner of the popular Original Painter's Homemade Ice Cream in North Myrtle Beach, SC!

TheIceCreamKing.com Store:


Shirts available in  M, L & XL.  T-shirts are $19.95 plus $5 shipping and handling for US orders or $10 shipping and handling for international orders.  Partial proceeds of each t-shirt goes to charity!



         The IceCreamKing.com t-shirts are available in white.


        The Ice Cream King t-shirts are available in green.   

                      #Scoopie t-shirts are available in white.   


The Ice Cream King

White t-shirts (US Orders)
White t-shirts (international)
Blue t-shirts (US Orders)
White t-shirts (International)
Blue t-shirts
Red t-shirts (US Orders)
Green t-shirts (US Orders)
Green t-shirts (International)
White t-shirts (US Orders)