The Ice Cream King


                               The Ice Cream King continues to make a difference;

                                     releases the Secret Dreams of GrandStrand

JUNE 3, 2015 - MYRTLE BEACH, SC - Dominic Munafo, also known as the Ice Cream King, recently competed as a Semi-Finalist on "This Is Your Life Change."  Munafo was in the final 50, out of 3,526 entries worldwide.  Although Munafo did not make the top 6, he is grateful for his time from his experience and wishes the top 6 finalists the very best.  This is not the end of Munafo's quests to make a positive difference in the world or his quest to make his secret dream come true.  

Munafo has a secret dream to to start a foundation for adopted children, as well as providing support for children who are already adopted. Munafo, originally from Baltimore, Maryland, is deeply motivated by his secret dream because he himself is adopted and wants to give support and resources for adopted children and their families. Munafo explains;

“It's important for me to give back to children who are currently seeking adoption and provide support for children and families who are already adopted,” Munafo said.

Munafo has dedicated himself to becoming a local leader and inspirational speaker in the Myrtle Beach GrandStrand area. Muanfo will be running a free monthly meeting in which local residents can share their secret dreams and gain practical advice from experts to enable them to make their secret dreams happen. 

Munafo is a successful business man as owner of the popular Original Painters Ice Cream. Original Painters Homemade Ice Cream has been featured in many publications such as People Magazine, featured on television shows, Wheel of Fortune and Access Hollywood, and more. His popular flavors are beloved by celebrities worldwide, and has been voted Best Ice Cream in the South by TurnerSouth's Blue Ribbon. Original Painters has also crossovered into NASCAR by partnering with BK Racing to sponsor the Bank of America 500 in 2014 to sponsor J.J Yeley's #83 car. “I've been a proud member of the GrandStrand community for over 16 years, and love the community with all my heart and I desire to give back to the community that has given me so much love and support through the years.”

Head over to Munafo's official site, and tell Munafo and his team what your secret dream is, who knows what may happen as a result.

Media contact for Dominic Munafo:
Bambi Weavil